to make this an unforgettable event

We need you! Sign up to be part of the team to make this event even greater and help participants make an incredible journey. You’ll have a unique behind-the-scene experience and you’ll be able to enjoy the views without having to run 73km and climb the Stelvio pass on foot.

What you get

a lifetime experience
  • sleep in Sulden
    we provide basic accommodation if necessary
  • eat in Sulden
    we make sure you get the energy you need
  • wear our awesome “Ortler Sky Trails” crew T-Shirt
    wear it with pride
  • receive a special bottle of Ortler Beer
    but not during the event
  • make new friends with people from around the world
    everyone needs good friends
  • grab a unique opportunity to support your family and friends
    but don’t cheat or they will get disqualified
  • spend the weekend in the most* beautiful landscape
    * one of the most

What you do

be a beacon for participants
  • set up all materials at the start of your shift
    raise the banners, fill up the water tanks, cut fruit
  • man a refreshment post during the event
    different times apply to different posts
  • be in contact with the Organization
    “Houston we have a problem”
  • answer questions of runners
    “can I use a helicopter? I’m tired”
  • inform participants
    “don’t fall off the mountain”
  • make pictures of the event and participants
    show the beauty of running in he mountains
  • clean up the refreshment post after closing time
    Just like Mary Poppins: “supercalifragilisticexpialidocious”
  • bring your enthusiasm to the runners
    “You’re still breathing!”


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