to make this an unforgettable event

Sign up to be part of the team to make this event even greater and help participants make an incredible journey. You’ll have a unique behind-the-scene experience and you’ll be able to enjoy the views without having to run an ultra trail.

Scroll down to see what you get and what you do.

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What you get

The quality of an event depends on you, volunteers. Participants have always been very grateful about our good volunteers. When you're part of the Ortler Sky Trails crew, we take care of you, so you have an unforgettable experience to look back to when going home.

Meet Max

At Ortler Sky Trails you can meet (and smell) our one and only Canitrail Director Max the Mountain Dog! During the year he lives in Switzerland and he's probably climbed a lot more mountains than you. Paw signatures can be negotiated for cookies.

Friends for Life

This is a fantastic chance to meet like-minded people from around the world and build lasting friendships in the trail running community.

Support Opportunities

Grab a unique opportunity to support your family and friends in overcoming their challenge! They'll be happy to see your face at a refreshment post.

Beautiful Landscapes

Spend your time in one of the most beautiful landscapes at the foot of Mount Ortler! Stelvio National Park has an abundance of enchanting flora and fauna.

Basic Accommodation

Stay at the heart of the action! We can provide basic accommodation close to the spot so you don't have to worry. For some tasks you'll be staying in a mountain hut or a tent for a night.

Food & Drinks

No counting calories! We make sure there's plenty of healthy food and drinks so you get the energy you need to survive your stay in the mountains.

Crew Shirt

Being part of the crew means wearing our awesome “Ortler Sky Trails” crew T-Shirt with pride! If you want to make sure to get the right size, register early!

What you do

Give back to the trail running community and make people aware of the importance of preserving our natural abundance by volunteering at our events! Use your skills in your team of choice to make this event more awesome! Organizing a multi-day multi-location event is not a simple small feat, but lots of fun and an unforgettable experience!

Waymarking Team

Put up signage and banners before the event during awesome hikes in the enchanting Stelvio National Park and collect them afterwards.

Info Team

Are you fluent in English, Italian or German? Be a beacon to participants, inform them and answer their questions at key locations during the event!

Medical Team

Are you a healthcare professional? Doctors, nurses, paramedics, physiotherapists, this is your team! You will work in cooperation with the Mountain Rescue and White Cross to make sure our participants are safe and healthy.

Refreshment Post Team

Raise the banners, fill up the water tanks, cut fruit, encourage participants and help them refuel and clean up after closing time!

Catering Team

Imagine running a marathon. You'd be hungry. Imagine running a double marathon over mountains. You'd be **very** hungry. Participants will be begging you for food and you will be their saviour.

Start / Finish Team

The Tennis Hall will be our homebase during the event. Put up tents, banners, get the tables, benches and chairs, collect participant bags and clean up after the event!

Race Desk Team

Are you fluent in English, Italian or German and good at communication? Man the emergency telephone and keep an eye on the participant live tracking system!

Transport Team

Take our equipment to and from the refreshment posts, bring our volunteers to their destinations, or bring participants who had a bad day back to base.

Photography Team

Do you have a passion for photography? Show the world how simple and magnificent trail running can be! Make pictures of the event and participants in the most beautiful locations!

Thursday 8/7/21

Start item location
19:00 dinner Tennis Center
20:00 event briefing Tennis Center

Friday 9/7/21

Start item location
08:00 event preparation Tennis Center
08:00 refreshment post setup Refreshment posts
10:00 welcome Tennis Center
13:00 Ortler Vertical Start Langenstein Sulden

Saturday 10/7/21

Start item location
03:00 racedesk open Tennis Center
03:30 Stelvio Ultra Trail Start Tennis Center
07:00 Ortler Sky Marathon Start Tennis Center
10:00 Ortler Glacier Trail Start Tennis Center
10:30 Ortler Ronda Classic Start Tennis Center
16:30 Ortler Ronda Classic Last Finishers Tennis Center
17:00 Award Ceremony Tennis Center
20:00 Ortler Glacier Trail Last Finishers Tennis Center
21:00 Ortler Sky Marathon Last Finishers Tennis Center

Sunday 11/7/21

Start item location
03:30 Stelvio Ultra Trail Last Finishers Tennis Center
08:00 event loadout Tennis Center
17:00 dinner Tennis Center