your participating family and friends

Pick up your binoculars and track your loved ones live by GPS on their journey! As a fully fledged ski resort Sulden and Trafoi have a host of chairlifts, the biggest cable railway in the Alps and a gondola to bring you to your loved ones on the track and give them your support. Watch them descend down the slopes of Mount Ortler or climb up the gruesome Passo dello Stelvio while having a drink at one of the many mountain huts on the track.

Refreshment & Aid Stations

Schaubachhütte 3.5 mi 8,665 ft 10:00
Hintergrathütte 6.6 mi 8,586 ft
Langensteinhütte 8.5 mi 7,710 ft
Tabarettahütte 10.7 mi 8,182 ft 13:30
Berglhütte 14.3 mi 7,178 ft
Santuario delle Tre Fontane 17.3 mi 5,312 ft 15:45
Aussersulden 24.4 mi 5,315 ft 18:15
Waldruhe 26.2 mi 6,109 ft
Tennis center 28.4 mi 6,070 ft 19:00


Santuario delle Tre Fontane
Tennis center


5.6km — 2641m

Watch participants of the Ortler Sky Marathon and Ortler Ronda Classic climb their way to the glacier traill beneath the funicular. At the Schaubachhütte, right below the funicular mountain station, you can follow participants of all distances with your binoculars crossing the glacier all the way to Hintergrat hut while eating a sturdy breakfast. Or if you're up to it, you can walk the glacier trail towards Langenstein hut yourself.

Accessibility: At the funicular mountain station, turn right. 5 min. walk. Opening hours of the funicular : 8.30-12.45 and 14.00-17.00 Uhr (every 20 Minutes)


10.6km — 2617m

On the porch of Hintergrat hut you can see participants of all distances coming from the glacier. You can also sit in the traditional cozy dining room where you can fortify yourself with traditional dishes and experience real hospitality with the view of the fantastic mountain panorama with its imposing peaks Ortler, Zebru and Königsspitze.

Accessibility: Take the normal path no. 3 from the church in Solda in 2 hours or walk from the mountain station of the Langenstein chairlift in 1 hour You can also walk from the middle station of the cable car Sulden in about 1.25 hours.


13.7km — 2350m

Encourage your loved ones at the refreshment post on the balcony of the architecturally unique K2 mountain restaurant Langenstein while enjoying the early morning sun close to the Ortler. You can eat a nice meal. From here you can walk towards Tabaretta hut and get a splendid view of the ascent to the Tabaretta ridge.

Accessibility: You can hike up from the Tennis Ceter or sit safely in the Langenstein chairlift. The valley station is right behind the Tennis Center. Opening Hours: 8.30–12.20 and 13.30 –17:00.


17.3km — 2494m

Participants coming from Langenstein hut will get a brief pause from their climb to Tabaretta ridge or a last stop before going back to Sulden valley at the beautiful Tabaretta hut. You can hike up there from Sulden village or start from Langenstein hut, or you can spend the night before the race to make sure you're there on time. During the race it is strictly forbidden for non-participants to continue to Tabaretta ridge to guarantee participant safety on the steep single track. Non-compliance will result in disqualification of the related participant.

Accessibility: a walk of approximately 1,5 hours from the top station of the chairlift “Langenstein”: first you follow track Nr. 10 and then Nr. 4a. Another ascent is possible from the village with start next to the church St. Gertraud. Follow track Nr. 4 through larch and Swiss stone pine wood. (approx. 2 hours). Another ascent from Sulden departs from the church St. Gertraud. Follow track Nr. 8 and reach Tabaretta Hut in approximately 2,5 hours.


23km — 2188m

After crossing the Tabaretta ridge participants continue their journey to Trafoi valley, passing the Bergl hut which is located on the west side of King Ortler. You can go from Sulden to Trafoi and hike up from the Sanctuary to catch them on their way down.

Accessibility: Berglhütte is located at 2.188 m on a rocky outcrop of the Ortler above the pilgrimage church of St. three wells in Trafoi. It is accessible via the path no. 15 in 1.5 hours walking time.

6Santuario delle Tre Fontane

27.8km — 1619m

After their first big test on the Tabaretta ridge, participants of the long distances will find peace at the church village of the three holy springs in Trafoi at the foot of King Ortler. Before arriving at the refreshment post they will run over and beneath the magical waterfalls. After that participants of the Stelvio Ultra Trail will start a gruesome 1200 meter climb to the Stelvio Pass and Ortler Sky Marathon runners will climb 900 meters to Punta Alta and the Zumpanell mines. Legend has it that in the thirteenth century the shepherd Moritz saw three brooks break from the rocks where the chapel now stands. Each of them had a cross with them - of which the shepherd catched two. The third flowed on. The mountain village was founded in the fifteenth century, and from that moment it became a place of pilgrimage.

Accessibility: From Trafoi church, continue on path no18 to the campsite and on to the Drei Brunnen. As an alternative you can continue by car on the main road and follow the indication “Hl. Drei Brunnen”. You reach a parking space in the forest, from where only five minutes are left to be walked.


39.2km — 1620m

Aussersulden is situated on the Strada Statale 662, 4.5km before the center of Sulden .The runners will cross the main road here. Due to the limited parking space and the traffic we do not advised to greet the runners at this point.

Accessibility: By car or by foot. Situated on the SS662-(+/- 4km from Sulden Tourist Office)


42.2km — 1862m

Nestled in an idyllic spruce forest is our family business. Small, simple and really cozy is the Gasthof Waldruhe.

Accessibility: Gasthof Waldruhe is about 2.6 km from the Langenstein chairlift.

9Tennis center

45.7km — 1850m

The Tennishalle is the main venue for the Ortler Sky Trails. You can encourage the starters and cheer the finishers here. This is also the place for the award ceremony and for meeting fellow runners or supporters.

Accessibility: From the main street in the center of Sulden, turn right after crossing the bridge (in front of hotel Julius Payer). Follow the road for 500m.