Run on the slopes of the Ortler at both sides of Sulden valley, cross the glacier at 2700m , climb to Tabarettahütte and take a final breath with a spectacular view before running down through the magical forest of Stelvio National Park to the warm heart of Sulden where you can get your hard earned reward and rest.

Mountain experience recommended. Trail at high altitude. Close to no asphalt, mostly single track. Glacier with ice and rocks. Snow patches present. Not very technical, but significant exposed moutainsides and almost no cover from weather throughout the day. Several locations to drop out in case of emergency.

  • Starting date: Saturday 10 July 2021
  • Departure time: 10:00
  • ITRA-logoITRA-UTMB: 2 points
  • Meeting place: Tennis Center, Sulden am Ortler
  • Maximum time: 10h
  • Refreshment posts: 3
  • Medical certificate required
  • GPS live tracking


Tennis Center
Tennis Center

Refreshment posts

Tennis Center 0 1850 0 0 10:00
Kanzel 8.2 2344 706 224
Schaubach 13.3 2641 1333 650 13:00
Hintergrat 18.5 2617 1575 793
Langenstein 21.5 2350 1608 1165 15:00
Tabaretta 28 2494 1901 1238
Tennis Center 31.53 1850 1917 1942 19:00


You don't have to run alone! Share your GPS Live Tracking link with your loved ones! As a fully fledged ski resort Sulden and Trafoi have a host of chairlifts, the biggest cable railway in the Alps and a gondola to bring your loved ones on the track so they can support you on your journey. They can follow you with binoculars when you descend down the slopes of Mount Ortler or climb up the gruesome Passo dello Stelvio while having a drink at one of the many mountain huts on the track.


Track Highlights

Detailed info

Checkpoints & Time barriers

For both practical and safety reasons we rely on a live GPS-tracking service. Each refreshment station has a defined closing time which you can find in the table above. This counts both as an indication for the last participant and a time barrier for participants at which they’ll have to discontinue the race. Participants arriving after closing time will have to continue to the nearest drop-out point and hand over their number.

Medical Support

Medical support will be available at the aid station locations indicated in the table above. During the race the Sulden Mountain Rescue Team (Bergrettung Sulden) will provide on-track assistance on specific locations depending on the weather circumstances. Because mountain weather is unpredictable, this info will be released only days before the race.

Mandatory equipment

  • Backpack
  • Mobile phone
  • Cup
  • Water reserve
  • Survival blanket
  • Leg cover
  • Solid food
  • Jacket
  • Clothing
  • Whistle
  • Adhesive elastic band
  • Head cover

Recommended equipment

  • Face mask
  • Trail / trekking poles
  • Pocket knife
  • Spare clothing
  • Gloves
  • Little cash (€20)
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Rules & Regulations

Running in the mountains is a dance between Eros & Thanatos. We can easily be enchanted by its beauty, but we should always be aware of the risks involved. We are guests in nature, so we have to take our responsibility. Please familiarize yourself with our rules (as you are required) before entering the event.

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