Registrations for the Ortler Sky Trails are handled by WedoSport. Handling fees are added by Wedosport according to the means of payment.Stelvio Ultra Trail, Ortler Sky Marathon and Ortler Glacier Trail require GPS tracking for safety reasons. The deposit for the obligatory GPS tracker is €50 and will be reimbursed in the week after the event through the same payment method. Loss or damage of the GPS tracker will be charged to the participant.For safety reasons we require a valid medical certificate that declares no counter-indications to high intensity exercise at high altitude which can be uploaded to your Wedosport account throughout the year. Participants of a previous edition only need doctor approval without further testing. For Italian participants the "atletica leggera' certificate is sufficient.The medical certifcate will become available later.

Early bird Base price Late turtle Closure Race day
from 15/11/2019 15/12/2019 01/04/2020
Stelvio Ultra Trail - incl. GPS tracking €75.00 €82.00 €89.00 01/06/20
Ortler Sky Marathon - incl. GPS tracking €43.00 €49.00 €55.00 01/06/20
Ortler Glacier Trail - incl. GPS tracking €35.00 €42.00 €49.00 01/06/20
Ortler Ronda Classic €22.00 €27.00 €32.00 01/06/20 €35.00
Ortler Vertical €9.00 €12.00 €15.00 01/06/20 €15.00
GPS Tracker Deposit €50.00