Ortler Vertical

2.5 km — 850 m+
  • Starting date: Saturday 11 July 2020
  • Departure time: 10:00
  • Meeting place: langenstein

Final information may vary slightly

We are proud to announce that the authorities have given us permission to hold the Ortler Vertical on saturday 11 July. It is a fun challenge for the whole family! Run up Mount Ortler underneath the Langenstein Sessellift from the center of Sulden over Langenstein to the Marlt Madonna with the world at your feet. Your friends and family can go up the lift and cheer for you running beneath them or wait for you at the finish at Langenstein hut. The event will be organized with maximum respect for the current anti-COVID-19 measures and in full cooperation with the local authorities.

Refreshment & Aid Stations

Langensteinhütte 1.1 2350m
Madonna 2.7 2719m



Fun for all ages

Ortler Vertical is a family friendly challenge. Runners under 14y can run together with a parent (or 18+ sibling) for free. Runners under 18y must be accompanied by a parent at the Start Area to obtain the bib. Under 18y will get a 20% discount on the registration fee.

Full Vertical or Vertical 500

Each participant starts separately with a 1 or half minute interval at the base station of the Langenstein lift.

You can choose to run until Langenstein hut, about 500m of elevation in 1km distance, or you can continue until the Marlt Madonna which is about 850m in 2,7km distance. For the Vertical 500, a separate Junior Classification (-16) will be organized.


Be quick to register online! The first 100 participants will receive a medal and running T-shirt. The online registration deadline is Friday 10 July 08h00. After this it will be possible to register at the Starting Area event zone, however we will enforce a limit on the number of people in the Starting Area event zone.

Registered participants will receive their starting time by Friday 10 july 11h00. You will only be authorised in the starting area 15 minutes before your allotted starting time. Day registrations will be scheduled in a later time slot than registered participants. Don’t worry, there’s plenty of nature to enjoy in Sulden! In these hard times the hotels and restaurants of Sulden need our support. They’re open and will be very happy to serve you.


We are not allowed to provide refreshments during the race to minimize contact. At the Langenstein hut finish zone where you can get drinks and eat and enjoy the view while catching your breath. One free refreshment after the race is provided for participants.

Special regulations

We have to abide by strict rules and regulations to make this event possible, and we trust you runners to live up to this responsibility.

In these times there is no definitive green light, and the regulations may change according to the situation at hand, so you’ll have to check them before coming to the Ortler Vertical.

Although we currently have obtained permission to go forward with the Ortler Vertical in these special circumstances, if the situation changes and our permission is retracted, we will transfer your registration to next year. Because of the last minute organization, refunds are not possible.

You can find the latest regulations on this webpage.

Special thanks

We thank Pauline Ijdo who provided us with great pictures for the Ortler Vertical. She’s an enthusiastic Alpine hiker who documents all her stories on this wonderful website


You can read her blog post about the hike to Marlt Madonna here


Anti COVID-19 measurements

  • The day before the race, every participant will receive their specific departure time. The departures are 1 person/60sec or 1 person/30sec depending on the number of registrations.
  • The Starting Area will be open for maximum 50 persons at a time (including participants before their start, staff, and people wanting to make a day registration).
  • If you have received a departure time slot, we ask you to present you at the departure area not more than 15 minutes before the start time.
  • We ask you to wash your hands before coming to the Starting Area.
  • We ask you to carry a face mask in any place where the distance of 1m can not be guaranteed outside of the race.
  • A bandana is required during the run for overtaking slower runners on a narrow section, or if you stop along the track. Then you will have to cover your nose and mouthwith the bandana. The major part of the track is spacious enough to keep the 1m distance.
  • We ask you to kindly follow all rules imposed by the OST staff or by the municipality of Sulden.
  • We are not allowed to provide food or drinks for the runners on the course.
  • Unfortunately there will be no “fun gathering” at the end of the day, although you can enjoy the race from the trails up the mountain and at the Langenstein area, and we aim to hold a small Awarding Ceremony at the end of the race. This is to be confirmed.

Detailed info

Checkpoints & Time barriers

For both practical and safety reasons we rely on a live GPS-tracking service. Each refreshment station has a defined closing time which you can find in the table above. This counts both as an indication for the last participant and a time barrier for participants at which they’ll have to discontinue the race. Participants arriving after closing time will have to continue to the nearest drop-out point and hand over their number.

Medical Support

Medical support will be available at the aid station locations indicated in the table above. During the race the Sulden Mountain Rescue Team (Bergrettung Sulden) will provide on-track assistance on specific locations depending on the weather circumstances. Because mountain weather is unpredictable, this info will be released only days before the race.

Recommended equipment

  • Trail / trekking polesTrail / trekking poles
  • Gloves
  • Long pants or capri pants + socks (to completely cover the legs)
  • Warm clothing (long-sleeved shirt) suitable to face extreme conditions and extreme cold on the mountains (wind, rain, snow)
  • Hat, cap or bandana