Beyond corona

Dear runners from all over the world,

Amidst the dramas unfolding everywhere on earth, we would like to shed some light. We cannot predict the future, but we still believe that the Ortler Sky Trails will take place on the planned date of 10-11-12 july and you will be there with us, running with all your heart.

Although a lot of wonderful events have already been canceled, we should try to look beyond. We ultrarunners have learned this on the trails, where the finish line is never in sight until the last moment, but we continue to put one foot in front of the other because we know we will arrive there eventually.

Having been confronted with ALS in our close personal lives, as organizers of the Ortler Sky Trails we want to use our energy and passion to create a beautiful event out of these tragic experiences where people from all over the world are united to support the research tackling this heartbreaking disease.

We hope to inspire you to do the same in these desperate times. Find the power in yourself to not be chained by your emotions, but use them to drive yourself forward and create something better out of it.

If it is still permissible to go outside, enjoy each moment and go running all by yourself to prevent further spreading. If you need to stay inside, don’t waste your time feeling bad. Read the book you always wanted to read but never found the time for. Let your body recover from hard training. Or focus on the core stability exercises you’ve always neglected. And ultimately help each other out.

Let’s dive into the dark together with full determination to grow and become a better person at the end of the tunnel.

We’re expecting you at the foot of the Ortler on July 10, with less kilometers of training but as stronger persons. You can do this. In bocca al lupo!