Fight against ALS

be the change

The global Ice Bucket Challenge, in which people from all over the world were pouring a bucket of ice-cold water over themselves, has put ALS on the map and triggered a tsunami of research projects. With the help of our participants, volunteers and sympathizers the Ortler Sky Trails support the funding of research on ALS. And you can be a part of this!

What is ALS?

ALS or amyotrophic lateral sclerosis is one of the most tragic diseases of our times. When we have ALS the nerve cells controlling our muscles gradually break down until we lose the ability to move, speak, eat and ultimately even breathe. Living with ALS means making the best of the limited time you have, each day losing more of your abilities until you’re trapped inside of your own body, fully conscious and with all senses intact. To date there is no treatment and no cure, and ultimately no happy ending.

ALS & Ortler Sky Trails

Having been confronted with ALS in their personal life, the organizers of the Ortler Sky Trails want to use their energy and passion to create a beautiful event out of these tragic experiences where people from all over the world are united to support the research tackling this heartbreaking disease.

What can you do?

As a participant you can make a donation of choice when registering on the Wedosport website. Get your family and friends involved and start a donation campaign!

Volunteers are the people we can count on to make this event unforgettable for everyone involved. If you’re coming with your friends and family, they can contribute to the event while enjoying the scenery and waiting for you at the refreshment posts or finish line!

The event itself is only the culmination of all the hard work throughout the year. You can start raising funds right now!

Do you know someone with ALS? Talk to them! Do you have a personal story about ALS? Share it with our team so we can support each other and build something together which we can be proud of!